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BBQ Sauce, BBQ Sauce in St.  Louis, MO

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Indulge your taste buds with the delicious food provided by our BBQ catering company in St. Louis, Missouri. Every good BBQ sauce should have a good story behind it or at least a good lie. The House of Cadillac BBQ Sauce & Seasonings started out as a street rod shop called The House of Cadillac with the slogan "high performance is our business." The owner's daughter, Nico, would come in on Fridays to bring BBQ for the staff, and word eventually spread around the neighborhood about the mouth-watering meals being consumed at our shop. Finally, the demand got so big that we couldn't help but start selling BBQ and our ambrosial BBQ sauce and rubs to the line that would form around the block.
BBQ Sauce, BBQ Sauce in St.  Louis, MO

BBQ Catering Services
Welcome to the world of The House of Cadillac BBQ experience. This experience is like no other thanks in part to our passion, excitement, and devotion to great food and fun. When you try our BBQ catering services, you'll find we strive to maintain a tradition of being one of the best BBQ houses in all of Missouri. All of our exceptional quality meats are cooked over the glowing embers of sweet cherry wood, which come from a nearby orchard and give our meats a pleasingly sweet and succulent flavor. So if you and your friends and family appreciate quality BBQ, we invite you to experience the BBQ catering difference of The House of Cadillac. You'll soon have a taste experience you won't soon forget thanks to our BBQ house. You have our word on it!
BBQ Rub That'll Blow Your Mind
Amaud's Applewood Seasoning Rub is our signature seasoning mix that we guarantee you'll love. This sweet-tasting rub can be used on everything from ribs to popcorn. Looking to spice up some chicken, fish, pork, or beef? Try our St. Louis-style rub for a taste that is similar to French kissing, if you know what I mean! Finally, for a classic spice rub that'll win BBQ competitions, you should try our black pepper rub. This new competition seasoning is created from coarsely ground black pepper and is blessed by the Good Lord Himself.

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St. Louis is the BBQ Sauce Capital of the United States, Thanks to our loyal customers Worlwide, The House of Cadillac BBQ Sauce is now #1 around the world.